Kings Park Summer Scholarship Presentations

Ten students of the Summer Scholarship Programme in the Science Directorate in Kings Park will each deliver a four minute talk outlining their activities and achievements on Friday, 23 February at 10.00 am in the BCC building.  Please come along and show your support.

Alexandra Hegarty: Provenance effects on seed germination under varied temperature and water regimes
Anya Robinson:  Embryo growth in morpho-physiologically dormant seeds
Sadichhya Adhikari: Provenance trial assessment of seed sourcing for restoration under a changing climate
Joshua Kestel: Genetic consequences of bird pollination for the catspaw
Melissa Chua: Role of biocrust cyanobacteria on seedling recruitment in reconstructed substrates
William Thomas: Mating system and pollination biology of the DRF Styphelia longissima
Hamish Clark: Cell membrane composition and cryotolerance
Robyn Streczynski: Oxidative damage to cell membranes during cryopreservation
Sze Tieng Ang (Kim): The role of sugars during seed maturation: comparing orthodox and recalcitrant seeds
Lily Whelehan: Importance of mitochondrial function during cryopreservation and recovery

This programme was made possible with funds from the Friends of Kings Park Fund.