Cable Car Proposal

The Friends’ Management Committee is vigorously opposed to any proposal to link Elizabeth Quay and Kings Park with a cable car.

The concept was first raised in 2014 by the Tourism Council. As a result the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority asked Switzerland’s Cable Car Consultants GmbH to prepare a feasibility study.

The study suggests a cable car with 19 towers, each up to 32m high, would slice through the heart of Kings Park, with three ‘stations’ in the park –  in the main Wadjuk carpark, at the DNA tower and in May Drive Parkland.

The Friends are opposed to a cable car because:

  • A cable car would destroy Kings Park’s iconic view of Perth City and beyond.
  • It would impact on the State War Memorial with a tower as close as 60m-100m of the memorial.
  • It would mean 60% of the bays in the main Kings Park carpark would be lost for the cable car’s station and garage.
  • Kings Park is only 65m higher than Elizabeth Quay. The cable car in Vancouver travels 1231m up Grouse Mountain.
  • A cable car would destroy Kings Park’s unique role as a tranquil inner-city park, with historical and natural values.
  • Of the almost six million people who come to the park every year, four out of five are locals. There is already a free bus (No. 935) every 10 minutes between Perth City and Kings Park. Why pay $25-$30 for a 3.18km ride in a cable car?

We only have one Kings Park for future generations to enjoy.

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