Cable Car Proposal

Friends of Kings Park members all know and love Kings Park for its beauty, its historical and natural values and its many special layers of meaning to the community.

We are all interested in developments and proposals that may affect the amenity and values of Kings Park and Botanic Garden and have supported many, most recently the Place of Reflection and the Botanic Terraces and Community Pavilion.  One of the concepts raised repeatedly in the media, most recently on the 28 April 2016, is the idea of a cable car between Elizabeth Quay and Kings Park. This concept has sparked a lot of concerned enquiries from members of the Friends and other parts of the community.  As a result, the Management Committee of the Friends of Kings Park recently sought to determine the current status of the proposed cable car, by asking Chairman Richard Simpson from the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, Board of Management to clear up any confusion.

Richard Simpson advised that “the Board of BGPA has been briefed by the MRA on the pre-feasibility report. The Board conducted a considered assessment and has provided comments to the MRA.  Based on the concepts outlined by MRA, the Board has identified some concerns.”

Richard confirmed that “all existing structures in Kings Park have been carefully designed to blend with the natural environment.”  Richard advised further, that the Board will continue working with MRA and in the instance that a specific proposal with definitive designs and routes are presented, it will provide more detailed comment and advice.  The Board expects that such a significant proposal as a cable car landing anywhere in Kings Park would go through a rigorous assessment process and that any formal proposal would need to adequately address matters relating to infrastructure footprints, environment, heritage and visual amenity.

Richard stated in responding to the Friends’ enquiries, that it is the natural features and special history of Kings Park that had made it world-renowned and a magic place in the heart of the city, welcoming close to six million visitors each year.  “Kings Park has always been the ‘People’s Park’.”

Richard concluded the Board’s role is to care, control and manage Kings Park and Botanic Garden on behalf of all Western Australians.

The role of the Friends of Kings Park is to support the Board, the Authority, and its staff in fulfilling that role.

The Friends’ Management Committee shares the Board’s well considered concerns about any such proposal with the potential to significantly impact Kings Park and Botanic Garden.  The Friends will help ensure the Park’s ongoing protection and careful management because we all need to conserve and honour the foresight and legacy of Sir John Forrest and protect this very special and unique place for our children and grandchildren.

We only have one Kings Park.

Contact:  Pippa Moodie – FOKP President – Office 9480 3643

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