The Friends of Kings Park is an Incorporated Association managed under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015.

Guidelines under which the Friends operate include:

Accountability to the membership and community is represented by an Annual Report and a Special Purpose Financial Report.

The Management Committee ensures the Friends is a sustainable, well run and highly respected organisation with an effective structure, high standards of corporate governance and compliance with all legislative requirements and Association rules.

Members of the Management Committee are:

  • President: Pippa Moodie
  • Vice President: Kim Smith
  • Treasurer: Vern McKay

Committee Members:

  • Ruth Robertson
  • Guy Chandler
  • Pia Beukes
  • Craig Gumley
  • Ian Kerr

Supported by two part-time employees:

  • Office Administrator,  Helena Waldmann
  • Marketing and Communications Officer, Alex Castle

The Management Committee is supported by three sub-committees, whose purpose is to support the Management Committee in fulfilling its role of managing the business of the Friends.

Executive Sub-committee Membership:

  • President:  Pippa Moodie (Chairperson)
  • Vice President:  Kim Smith
  • Treasurer:  Vern McKay

Nursery Sub-committee Membership:

  • Pippa Moodie (Chairperson)
  • Tony Scalzo
  • Lester Zani
  • Lynda Woodhams
  • Ruth Robertson
  • Mariana Cruz Campos

Communications Sub-committee Membership

  • Guy Chandler (Chairperson)
  • Sue Elliott
  • Celeste Sweeney
  • Nicole Parks
  • Alex Hew
  • Kate Biondo

2018 AGM

Agenda – AGM 2018

FOKP Presidents Report 2017_2018

Financial Statements ending 30 June 2018