Plant Sales

Through rain, hail or sunshine, buyers from around Western Australia line up for the Friends plant sales. These sales provide plenty of opportunities for buyers to build stunning gardens with plants not always available from commercial nurseries.

The next Native Plant Sale will be held on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September 2021.

Plant sale list is now available to download

Countdown to our next Plant Sale


COVID-19 information: to allow for distancing between customers, the number of people that can enter the sale area at one time will be limited. We encourage you to be ready to make a contactless EFTPOS payment, rather than bringing cash. We also ask you maintain a 1.5m distance between yourself, our volunteers and other members of the public while you are in the queue and sale area. Make sure you check in with the WASafe app and please do not attend if you feel unwell.

Entry gates will shut a quarter of an hour before the advertised closing time but may close earlier than the advertised time if the plants sell out. The plant sale will go ahead if it is raining, but severe weather warnings may require it to be cancelled.

The proceeds from sales go directly to the Friends of Kings Park, and are put towards supporting research and projects in Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Need advice about what to buy? Contact the Horticultural Advice and Support volunteers here. They will also be roaming at the plant sale to give advice on the spot.

Upcoming Plant Sales


The plants are sold under the shade of the Tuart and Marri trees surrounding the Exhibition Ground in Kings Park.

A pickup area has been set aside in the car park for those customers buying large quantities of plants. There will be volunteers available to assist customers to transport their purchases to the pickup area.


Yes, there will be Horticultural Advice and Support volunteers at the plant sale to help with queries relating to the type of plant to purchase, planting and caring for your plants. Look for the volunteers with an orange bag and wearing an orange high viz vest.

If you wish to plan ahead and get advice before the sale, the HAS team can be contacted via [email protected] or by calling 9480 3672.

More information is on their web page here.

The plant sale list will be put on to the Friends of Kings Park website about two weeks before the sale. It will list all the species for sale, the number available of each.

The plant sale list will also help you identify the characteristics of plants and their growing conditions.

The price varies depending on pot size, and may be updated for each plant sale, so it is not possible to provide a set list of prices. Generally, smaller pots will cost between $4 and $7, and medium pots between $12 and $15. Rare plants may cost up to $30. Look for the signs on the day and the tags in the pots.

The plant sale is held at the Exhibition Ground, off Fraser Ave in Kings Park. This is shown as venue “Orange 3” on this map. Look for the flag on Fraser Avenue on the day.

People have been known to queue as early two hours before the advertised opening time. If you have your heart set on something in particular your best chance is to get into the queue as early as possible. Coffee will be available from a mobile van and you can chat to other keen gardeners while you plan your purchases.

The plants are organised by type e.g. climbers, shrubs, small shrubs, ground covers, small, trees etc. See the column called “plant type location” on the plant list. Each plant type will be indicated by a sign above the bench. Grafted plants will have their own bench.

The number of plants for sale is listed on the plant sale list. All plants are released at the opening time. For two day sales, all are released on the first day of the sale so this may mean that not all are available on the second day.

Our plants are grown by a small group of volunteers, so sometimes the number of plants available is limited. If there is something you have your heart set on, we encourage you to get to the plant sale early so you don’t miss out.

You can pay by cash or card. Please line up at a sales desk, and a volunteer will tally the amount of your purchase on a docket. You can pay cash at this point, or if paying by card you will head to the cashier’s desk. Your docket will be stamped ‘paid’.

Credit or debit card is the preferred method of payment.

No, unfortunately, we cannot put plants aside or reserve them for people. In the interest of fairness, the only way plants can be sold is on a first come, first served basis. We are very sorry, but we cannot make exceptions, regardless of your circumstances.

No, plants can only be purchased at the sale.

No, plants can only be purchased at the plant sale, but you a welcome to purchase as many as you would like. There is an area for you to bring a trailer to collect a large amount of plants.

No, plants must be taken home on the day. There is a pick-up area, where large quantities of plants can be collected.

No, plants can only be purchased at the plant sale. We have no facility to post or deliver plants.

You can take plants interstate, but you need to investigate the quarantine restrictions and receive a certificate to travel. The Friends is not able to organise quarantine arrangements for you. Please visit this website to find out more.

Make sure you do your quarantine research before you make a purchase, as the Friends is not able to give you a refund on your plants if you decide you are unable to take them back to your state.

No, only potted plants. A selection of seeds for native plants is available year round at Aspects of Kings Park Gallery and Shop.

The sale usually ends at the advertised time, unless all the plants sell out in which case the sale may end sooner. The sale will continue if it rains, but very poor weather may close the sale earlier than expected.

No, you can buy or renew a membership at the plant sale. If you are unsure if your membership is up to date and want to check before the sale, please call the Friends office. We will have a membership list at the cashier’s desk just in case you forget your card or are not sure if you are a current member.

Yes, we would love your help! All current Friends members are welcome to put their hand up to help out at the plant sales in a variety of roles. Please contact the office if you are interested.

Maybe. The Growing Friends are limited in the number of species they are able to grow, but they will consider expressions of interest in a particular species. This won’t guarantee the species will be grown, however. Please contact the office with your request.