Our Fund forges conservation success in Kings Park

9 October, 2020

Friends give a record $500,000 for research

In recent years, grants from the Friends of Kings Park Fund have been used to support a wide range of projects in Kings Park, including fundamental research on how the endangered Queen of Sheba orchids can be propagated and by supporting future conservation scientists through the undergraduate Summer Scholarship program (For People & Plants, Issue 110).

These projects have real and tangible outcomes and are due in no small part to the generous philanthropic donations you make to the Friends of Kings Park Fund.

This year, the Fund is taking a quantum leap in the level of support it provides. Grant applications were received for a range of worthwhile projects and were subject to a rigorous selection process.

In total, the Friends of Kings Park Fund will support $500,000 worth of projects over the next three years.

Read a full report on the projects the Fund will be supporting in the latest edition of For People & Plants, Issue 111.

Photo: Dave Blumer