Summer Scholarship Programme 2019

6 December, 2019

Friends of Kings Park scholarship students with Fund Committee Members, Anne Barden, Darren Harrop and Ian Kerr, and BGPA Executive Director, Alan Barrett.

This week, we were excited to welcome the 7 students in our 2019/2020 Kings Park Summer Scholarship programme.  The students are undertaking a wide range of projects:

Aimee CarpenterHons to PhD – genetic rescue of Grevillea scapigera
Bianco BertoHons to PhD – seed enhancement for restoration
Chane van der Merwe3rd yr to Hons – seed enablement of Tetratheca erubescens
Georgia Leahy3rd yr to Hons – mitochondrial activity post-cryo
Olaf Hein3rd yr to Hons – mating system of Eucalyptus todtiana / provenance trial
Ryan Borrett3rd yr to Hons – eDNA of soil biota through restoration (AMI)
Eloise Ashton3rd yr to Hons – Genetic consequences of bird pollination Banksia menziesii

At the end of the programme, members will be invited to attend a presentation by these students on their research findings.

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