Proposed Perth Cable Car

The two major volunteer groups in Kings Park, the Friends and Volunteer Guides, have joined forces in opposition to the proposal to build a cable car from Elizabeth Quay to Mt Eliza.

The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority Board is concerned that the proposal would impact significantly on the park, the showcase of WA’s extraordinary history and plant life.

We only have one Kings Park. Let’s keep it a natural experience.


“A cable car would mean very large, wide and tall pylons, multi-storey stations as well as the intrusive impact of the cables and gondolas.”


“A cable car would intrude on the natural experience in the park”

What you can do

If you are concerned about how the proposed cable car would affect our beautiful Kings Park, then make your voice heard. Let your local MP and media outlets know how you feel.

If you would like to discuss the cable car proposal further, please do not hesitate to contact Pippa Moodie, Friends President (0488 001 951). Otherwise ……..

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  • I am FIRMLY AGAINST any cable car within Kings Park itself. The pictures posted by those against RIGHTLY state that pylons and wires would detract from the natural beauty.
    However, the cable car could join Elizabeth Quay to Kings Park and thus avoid crossing the roads and freeway. The aims to connect the city to the park is admirable and would possibly cut down the amount of traffic within the park. A world-class tourist experience for Perth IS NEEDED.

    Caroline Crowhurst

  • Definitely in favour of the cable car concept. It would provide a world-class tourism experience for Perth and be extremely popular amongst locals as well. It also makes King's Park much more accessible than it currently is from the city (particularly for those with mobility issues or children). It would be very possible to integrate it with the King's Park surroundings in a complementary way that doesn't create an eyesore or detract from the natural beauty of the area.

    Graeme Knights

  • This is a gtreat way to join the city to kings park. Great for tourism too. Tourist when they come to Perth like to actually do things not just look. A lot can Be learnt from what Singapore has achieved with the way they attract overseas tourist. We now have direct flights from Europe so it’s important we capitalise and don’t knock back things that can benefit our great city.

    Matthew Hutton

  • I am absolutely against this happening. I can't understand why anybody would think it would be a good idea to obstruct such a beautiful park that has spectacular panoramic views with pylons and wires required for a cable car system. I really hope that this doesn’t happen as it would completely ruin the beauty of this park.


  • As a regular interstate visitor, I like to walk in Kings Park and absorb the natural environment. Pylons, cables and the noise from cable cars are not compatible with this park/botanical garden. There’s plenty of excellent access for all visitors and a cable car is unnecessary and intrusive. We visit such parks to wander AMONGST the planting’s not to glide OVER them.

    Rose Cunningham

  • I am absolutely against just another thing that brings us further towards looking like every other developed town in the world. Kings Park is unique and stands on its own. Please Elizabeth Quay is enough of a useless asset that cost far too much we dont need another lets wonder at the natural asset we have that is Kings Park a national treasure as unspoilt as it can be. thanks for the chance to comment

    Gillian Williams

  • Absolutely not needed. The view from ground level is beautiful and unique, an unrivalled treasure we are blessed to have here. A cable car set-up would be an aberration. I agree with Margaret Kesteven's and Muriel Mahony's.views

    Dorothy Lowrey

  • As a young woman, I campaigned against building the Commonwealth Games pool in Kings Park and decades later am very concerned that our wonderful park is again under threat of an inappropriate development. Developments such as a cable-car are not needed nor appropriate for Kings Park. Have nothing against building cable-cars (nor wave parks); however location for these 'fun-park' type of amusements must not be in places of great natural beauty nor harm surrounding environments.

    Muriel Mahony

  • What a naff idea - cable cars are so last century.

    Louise Sales

  • No more talk about this bad idea would be great.

    Paul Desmond

  • We do not need a hideous eyesore on our beautiful view from Kings Park across to the Swan River or city.


  • I am vehemently opposed to this crass idea. It will do nothing to enhance the beauty of the park but destroy some of that beauty. No-one from outside Perth is going to come here just to see the cable car. There are longer, higher, more exciting ones in all sorts of other places. We DO NOT NEED IT!!!
    It is healthier to walk up from the city , and there are lots of buses anyway.

    Margaret Kesteven

  • Not what we want to see despoiling the wonderful asset we have so close to our city. We are part of a biodiversity hotspot and don't need to put scars on our beautiful natural environment. Reading comments below, the Arthurs Seat one is really not valid as there has been a cable car there for more years than I care to remember (I grew up in Victoria and remember it as a child in the 60s). It is a totally different landscape to Kings Park so should not be compared.

    Pamela Heath

  • Not only would the visual pollution and large footprint offend, but the noise of the machinery would not be in keeping with the experience of Kings Park so valued by those who visit.

    Helen McCormick

  • I believe any cable car will be detrimental to the wonderful views of both the gardens and the vista to the city and beyond. Why spoil something that is wonderful!!

    Kitty Spackman

  • Would be a great tourist attraction. Elizabeth quay will be a white elephant, so at least give people something interesting to look at.


  • A fantastic tourist drawcard for the gardens, and the pylons are not intrusive. In Melbourne we have a new cable car at Arthur's Seat on the Mornington Peninsula through natural bushland which gives magnificent panaramic views of the bush and Port Phillip Bay.

    peter ruthven

  • It will be a great addition to our economy and tourism.

    Sharon Ellisa

  • Best idea perths had, can we not just have a project without negative people!!

    Christopher Baker

  • I've lived in several countries that have cable cars, which are great when there's no other access to the high point other than a climb (Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa and Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for example). Mount Eliza is hardly in this category and a cable car is a completely unnecessary expense. In addition it would be an eyesore and as already mentioned the construction work hugely distruptive.
    Kings Park is a jewel in the city, easily accessible by public and private transport. The cable car concept is excessive and nonsensical.

    Lynne Varhol

  • Unbelievable that a cable car would even be considered to spoil the beauty of our International tourist attraction which has often been judged number one in the whole of Australia.

    Lois Sharpe

  • It would lesson car traffic

    Daniel Lawrence

  • It's not hard to imagine how a lengthy rail line with its supporting columns, atopped by red(?) or variously coloured cable cars, will detract from the beauty of the parkland and the natural beauty of the bushland in Kings Park. What too of the various hop on, hop off stations that would be built? The total ambience of the Park is the seeming connection of the open sky above with the vegetation of the park and the waters of the Swam below. A cable car would disturb the very essence of what is Kinks Park.

    Carol Goldsmith

  • In my view a cable car would be an ugly intrusion in the landscape. I do feel Kings Park access must be available to all West Australians and all visitors to the City without difficulty or impediment either through lack of mobility or just not feeling able to walk the distance from the City (in the case of tourists). A much more visible transport system from Elizabeth Quay on a very frequent basis to Kings Park, stopping at some spots along the way - also the service should access the whole of Kings Park not just the central hub. People can then alight just for short periods at stunning vantage points etc. either just for few minutes or longer knowing there will be bus passing again with very little waiting time. I am such a big fan of Kings Park and always have been I just want everyone to enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks - Margaret

    Margaret Whitelaw

  • I think it would to some extent alleviate cars from the ark I also think that it would connect the city which in years to come will be more vibrant and not only a shopping and business work destination. I can imagine myself enjoying the city and then hoping on a cable car to the park and on return making use of public transport home.

    Trixie Starr

  • KP is beautiful and special and of course must be protected as the natural asset that it is. I'm neither for or against the cable car idea but I think the images you present here could be misleading? Earlier this year I rode the cable car up to the top of the hill in Dubrovnik and the infrastructure there seemed quite unintrusive to the landscape and with nowhere near as big a footprint as you imply. There would likely be only 1-2 cars for example and only one 'landing point' rather than a string of pilons. I'm sure the designers could come up with a structure that 'blends' with the landscape. Whether or not there is a suitable location is of course another matter.

    Caroline Mellish

  • I would like to help prevent this.

    Carol Poole

  • Kings Park provides the peace and tranquility of its natural surroundings away from the hectic pace of modern life and the noise and intrusion of man made structures such as the proposed Cable Car which would be a monumental blight on the landscape. I grew up with Kings Park on my doorstep and over many years have heard people praise the foresight of our forefathers for setting aside this wonderful park for the people of Perth. Let's not destroy this beautiful place which is so admired and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

    Mary McCall

  • People love the experience of fresh oxygen and its carbon neutral when they walk which helps one they can lose weight and keep fit.Today, most people are overweight. Unaesthetic. totally unaesthetic

    G Joshe

  • I am opposed to the cable car plans because it will ruin the natural environment of Kings Park and turn it into a commercialised place. It will spoil the natural beauty of the park. It will take away the beauty of the flowers trees and birds. It will be an eye sore. I go to Kings Park every week sometimes twice a week because I love the park the views and the natural beauty. I also oppose any further development of shops, restaurants or paid parking. The simplicity of natural beauty cannot be underestimated. Please stop this proposal.

    Karen Dare

  • Terrible idea linking Kings Park to another terrible idea, Elizabeth quay. It will deface a beautiful city. We value our parks and open spaces over trashy amusement attractions.

    Nigel Richards

  • I wholeheartedly endorse the position taken by Friends of Kings Park. What makes this park so special is the nice balance between man made structures (amenities, gift shop, cafes, function centre) and glorious nature. A cable car will significantly downgrade the aesthetics and there are already so many ways to access the park.

    Steve Dorevitch

  • I am 75, West Australian born and bred. I have travelled widely and embraced the different cultures in all the wonderful countries we have been privileged to see. BUT some of the 'progress' in my deeply beloved home city of Perth fills me with horror. The hideous Convention Centre is one. I keep hoping someone will blow it up - no prison sentence for doing so.
    The proposed cable car to King's Park is another. Apart from being ugly it will be a non profit making white elephant. Cable cars in Europe are built both for purposeful transport but also giving a different viewpoint of usually jawdropping natural beauty. This is not the case in King's Park. King's Park is a lovely hill from which to
    view Perth but a cable car will in no way enhance it.

    Faye BLYTHE

  • We need places where our senses can relax & retune to the natural sights and sounds in which we were once immersed

    Marcelle George

  • Kings Park has been a NATURAL PARK FOR GENERATIONS. Thousands of people living in Perth and tourists from all over the world have enjoyed over the years the Beauty and relaxing atmosphere of this little Paradise in the centre of Perth! Why spoile it all by having cable cars ? Please open your eyes and see what this will do to the enviroment and beauty of KINGS PARK!

    Rosemarie Silva

  • Kings Park is an accessible place of natural beauty. Pylons, wires and cable cars would be an ugly distraction.

    Nina Thompson

  • I think would be a great attraction, doesn't have to go right over the top


  • Everyone we talk to about it feel the same. We think it would make our view ugly and it is not nec , not all tourists have a lot of money and prefer simple things .

    Keith Kay

  • Elizabeth Quay was bad enough but a cable car to beautiful Kings park? Honestly!
    Are we so insecure in WA that we constantly feel the need to build ugly, useless tourist "attractions" to get visitors? (as if people will fly from abroad to see a cable car).
    Another project by greedy developers.
    This will ruin Kings Park: DON'T DO IT!


  • What a hideous thing to even contemplate. Kings Park is 'natural and in line and love with nature. Let's fight against this proposal. What is wrong with the people in power to even go as far with a planned drawing of what they are thinking. There are far more real and urgent matters to attend.!!!!

    Lyn PEARCE

  • I think the lovely views will be spoilt if this is allowed to happen. , lots of other options , this is just another scheme which would not attract tourists in any way.

    Eleanor Kay

  • A cable car would be hideous! Apart from ruining the serenity of our beloved Kind Park the area has significant Aboriginal importance. I am one hundred percent against even the idea of such a thing.

    Grace Forde

  • The park is an incredible glimpse of peaceful beautiful bushland in an increasingly busy built up suburbia.
    That experience is priceless and the landscape unique. It is not enhanced by a bell tower or ubiquitous Ferris wheel, quay or cable car. Such things try to own the space, distance people from the power of the intricate natural world. So many forces at work disconnecting us from the dirt, the ground, the very earth we live on. Go to adventure world if you need to get off.

    Michelle Coles

  • It's a good idea and will attract more people to Kings Park. We need to connect the city to KP and to find new ways to get to KP without using a car.

    Lydia Dowse

  • King's Park is a natural environment that showcases our beautiful native species. Plonking great hunks of metal through the park would completely detract not only from how the park should look, but also from the true essence of what the park is and what it represents. Being able to stand beneath the trees and look through the boughs of those beautiful eucalypts at an unobstructed sky is a unique experience to many and the great thing about KP is its natural, stunning existence so close to the city centre - please don't ruin it. Keep Kings Park natural.

    Imogen Rakers

  • While on paper the idea would be a good way of attracting tourism I agree that it would detract from the overall natural landscape that the team at Kings Park try so hard to keep.

    Chris Sellings

  • If the government wants to increase tourism, then they need to spend the money on a rail link to the airport. Most major cities in the world have them, Perth is an embarrassment with our lack of high speed rail from airport to city.
    We don't need a cable car, people will still visit Kings Park, & don't need the cable car as an encouragement.

    Michael Smith

  • Just no. Kings Park is a park, best enjoyed at slow speed. To get there causing less pollution: It would be better to spend the money towards electrifying the bus fleet of Transperth and prepare for the switch to E mobility, e.g. put in a charging station...

    Susanna Floth

  • A museum or some other permanent educational facility would be a wiser choice. The cable car wouldnt be a problem if the interchange was at the lower end of the park and isnt extended across the park grounds. Would be good to integrate the city, Elizabeth Quay and Kings Park and make it more accessible from the foreshore.


  • This proposal of a cable car will destroy the wonderful ambience of the gardens, pandering to those who want a joyride, thus, spoiling the garden experience for those below.

    Diana Herrald

  • I am disagree with cable car construction because it is a big project and need big vechicles to transport materials may harm the nature. Therefore, plants are sensitives and may decay. Once the cable car build may infect the secenery of the gorgeous city of Perth. Lastly, construction means electricity waste may harm the nature earth too! Protect our mother earth not only King Park Botanical Garden. Thanks.

    Libby Lai

  • Kings Park, what a wonderful and beautiful place. It doesn't need a cable car.

    Alistair Ritchie

  • No for all the reasons I have read although I did read Michael 'the greens voter' and I'm sure the greens can come up with a much better solution re pollution/cars etc than a cable car through Kings Park.

    Louise Howden-Smith

  • What a destructive and ugly proposed addition to this glorious park. It would be a shameful desecration of its naturally beautiful gardens. I will avoid going there if it is installed, a sight too painful to behold.

    Julie Rosiere

  • This sounds like one of Colin Barnetts loony schemes and hopefully has died with him!

    ron renton

  • This is an absolutely abhorrent idea and is not needed in Kings Park.

    Anne Jones

  • I strongly oppose the cable car proposal. It would be intrusive, ugly and totally unnecessary in such a beautiful, natural and totally 'insync' environmentally friendly area teaming with Mother nature's exquisite flora and fauna. The beauty of King's Park is the peaceful experience of just walking around taking in all her beautiful sights. That peaceful experience shouldn't be 'invaded' by the intrusive view of ugly pylons, cables and 'floating' cars streaming to and fro across the skyline. Say NO to this proposal.


  • I'm a greens voter, and I'm in favour of a cable car. Make it part of Metronet, and put it all the way through to QEII.

    Has anyone here been on the Kuranda sky rail near Cairns? I went and I loved it - I didn't think it detracted from the beauty of the rainforest at all: if anything it made it accessible without having to drive polluting buses and cars into such a biodiverse area. Also, I think it's obvious that locals have to actually use it - so make it part of the Transperth network - imagine if a train to Elizabeth Quay and a glide over the forest was part of your daily commute? The reason I want this is less as a tourist attraction and more because it would mean less congestion in the roads in and around King's Park, and less pollution affecting the park long term. Make this beautiful place accessible with a low-impact solution - and yes - tall pylons/cable-car stations are much lower impact than the combustion powered cars all of us currently use to visit the park.


  • The natural outlook of Kings Park is what appeals to visitors the most. To have a concrete man-made structure that looks way out of place is totally against the appeal of the park. I would definitely be in a protest against such an eyesore.


  • Absolutely no need to intrude on the vistors from and to one of the foremost tourist actractions in Perth.

    phil Jacobsen

  • It will be an eyesore and not enough people will pay to use it especially as they can catch a bus for free.

    Richard Lyon

  • Really stupid -ruin all the good reasons for going to Kings Park. Not at all unique. Why would you come to W.A. to ride on a cable car?? Support all your comments

    Janet Atkins

  • Such a silly idea, a complete eyesore on the foreshore and the park.


  • Awful idea. We agree that the idea is flawed for all the reasons mentioned above. Kings park should remain as it is a park with great views of the city and hills, a draw card for Perth and wa.

    Nigel & Belinda Richards

  • I think a cable car would be an ugly over bearing monster with a sideshow ally impact - please don't waste state money on this and spoil King Parks ambience at the same time!

    Elizabeth Townsend

  • Of course it should be built, but clearly it should be away from the war memorial and closer to the light horse statue, though the residents of Bellevue Tce will lead the protests against the development. Unfortunately too close to Bali memorial too. All effort should attempt to camouflage the cable car. Kings Park need further developments around Frasers, including a museum or gallery of War and Peace. Also another restaurant and/or bar at a respectful distance from the memorial. This is the prime tourist spot in Perth, yet there is insufficient activities for tourists and its difficult to get to. A massive missed opportunity. Also an opportunity to extend into the children's playground. The playground would then need an extension and improvement to cater better for locals and tourists alike.


  • This is an insane proposal that would spoil the uniqueness of Kings Park from just about every perspective.
    I wonder who exactly is going to benefit financially....?
    Much better to enhance the CAT buses to and from Kings Park throughout the week, including weekends.

    Robin Mallett

  • Absolutely No to the Cable Car proposal. We must be kept well informed and remain super vigilant as, if the Government is going to be in favour, they seem to have sneaky ways of keeping things quiet until it's too late for people power to play it's part. We need public rallies well promoted and advertised sooner rather than later.
    Glenys Russell

    Glenys Russell

  • Cable cars are very energy efficient they could get the equivalent of 40 bus loads of people from Elizabeth Quay to Kings park and back with the same emissions you would have from 1 bus. The cable car could land in the side of the hill so it generally couldn't be seen from within Kings Park. Lets look for solutions that are positive not just the negatives.

    Shaun Roberts

  • I totally agree with your view against the cable car.
    Easy / quick public transport, which is free, eg bus from Elizabeth quay to Kings Park would be helpful.
    The cost for tourists to use a cable car would not be attractive and in my eyes not considered worthwhile for the ride.


  • Proposed cable car is a most undesirable intrusion into the natural charm of Kings Park.

    Colin Edwards

  • People go to Kings Park to enjoy the views of the river and this would simply ruin those views, as well as impact terribly on the lawns and the area around the War Memorial. Its not going to make people think that suddenly they will travel a huge distance to one of the most isolated cities just for a 5 minute ride on a cable car. If they have made that journey, they will be going to Kings Park anyway.
    Who in the world would allow something like this to impact on the key war memorial in the State?

    ian Ritchie

  • There will be no going back if this project was to go ahead. A cable car and all that would go with it would absolutely intrude on the natural beauty of the park. This can only be described as another example of an overwhelmingly bad government decision. What are they thinking!?

    Ann Jones

  • Our forbears coveted the natural beauty of Mount Elisa. Aboriginal, European settlers and all visitors to this day have appreciated the Kings Park environs, its serenity and natural beauty, including the breathtaking view of a thriving city. John Forrest spent a huge portion of WA's state revenue to buy back free hold land along the escarpment, so Kings Park's glorious view could be preserved for the people and friends of WA. I cannot and will not believe the State Government and indeed any Government hence forth would consider such environmental vandalism and visual pollution on such a huge scale, so one business may benefit???? There are other solutions including extending the free bus route of 935 to include Elisabeth Quay? I am so shocked at anyone even mentioning a cable car to Kings Park let alone through it! Oh dear, lets hope this silly idea is snuffed out forever, sooner rather than later!

    Robyn Bowler

  • The thought of a cable car into the beautiful and natural surrounds of Kings Park horrifies me. I will vote and campaign against any party that advocates one

    Jannette Gray

  • It would be a real sad day if this Cable Car proposal ever went ahead. It's truly horrible. Public transport is available or the public can walk up the hill or along Mt's Bay Road. The Park is iconic and it has uninterrupted views of the city, river and the hills. The Cable Car will kill the views !!

    Flora Kendall

  • How anyone could consider this to be an attraction for visitors to Perth is beyond me. It will utterly destroy the natural beauty, amenity and enjoyment of Kings Park and the Botanic Garden.

    Andrea Hawkes

  • The cable car proposal is certainly underwhelming and aesthetically unpleasant. The connection between the city and the park could be satisfied by the provision of a cat bus route.

    Elizabeth Eaton

  • everyday we are bombarded about how important it is to excesise. So lets promote the right image. Ruby J

    ruby johnson

  • The idea sounds nothing less than bizarre. Too often governments encourage such structures without examining all the possible ramifications. Part of the joy of Kings Park is it setting and natural beauty, both these attributes would be severely diminished if such an intrusive thought bubble was allowed to proceed. It does bring to mind the monorail in Sydney which was a similar ridiculous and intrusive structure that blighted our city for twenty years before common sense prevailed (plus it was losing money) and the whole edifice to a forgotten politician was demolished.

    Susan Winterton

  • Spoils the view, damages the trees' root zone.
    Move your butts, people!

    The money can be used elsewhere instead, to do conservation work.

    Logan Tan

  • Other than being a waste of public money or worse still a sell out of public areas to commercial interests if it is not to be funded by government. Frankly they have spent large amounts on Elizabeth Quay and had a "concept" for a cable car so now they use that to justify further expense when there are so many other public works that should be much higher priority. I quite like the idea to re-instate a walking route into the park.

    Richard Matthews

  • From a design point of view, a cable car is just another attempt to make Perth look like somewhere else – Sydney, Dubai, Disney World... By all means add features to the park that enhance it, but a cable car system would make the the whole city look like a common theme park, and for little or no benefit.

    Rosalie Tanner

  • This sad development could have been stopped at the pass, had the WA Labor Party not voted in favour of the Perth City act to absorb UWA, part of Subiaco, and the QE 2 Medical Centre and most disgracefully of all the absorption of Kings Park.
    Shame on our politicians both Liberal and Labor.
    Mark McGowan the Opposition leader and David Templeman as Shadow local Government Minister should hang their heads in shame. These two men could have stopped this disgrace.

    Peter Tallentire

  • We have the most beautiful natural park in the world. A cable car would have a huge impact on the stunning nature of the environment and tranquility of this special area in the city.

    Lynda Woodhams

  • The Park and Botanic Gardens are a unique experience and the quality of the place will be compromised by this proposal as the cable car infrastructure will require massive visually intrusive structures.

    terence taylor

  • I can't see any need for this, as Elizabeth Quay is an out of the way place to get to, so who would want to go all the way there to catch a cable car over a lot of buildings to get to Kings Park.
    It would also spoil the views & natural beauty of Kings Park.
    I strongly appose such a waste of money, as well

    Patricia Bebbington

  • I feel this proposal would be a disaster for our beautiful and unique King's Park.

    Colleen Brown

  • Another unnecessary waste of tax payers money. Why spoil the uninterrupted views of the city, river and beyond with a cable car system that will not draw any MORE visitors to the already world renown Kings Park. The visitors will still come to Kings Park without a cable car system to get them there. Almost nobody with come to Perth to ride the cable car alone.

    Norman Aitken

  • While I appreciate a cable car is popular with tourists and driving tourism I think there isn't enough height to warrant one. The park is very unique to WA with a wonderful preservation of biodiversity that has been lost elsewhere in the city as well as the world. Its a treat to walk through during spring and the view is easily obtainable from a picnic rug! How magic is that! If I can suggest a pedestrian bridge over Kings Park road so people can cross the road safely to West Perth?

    Lee Pearce

  • I sm totally against this project it would spoil the whole concept of kings park.
    An absolute desicrstion of the park

    Geoff Tye

  • The cable car would be an absolute blight on Perth's most precious asset.

    Catherine Franconi

  • Having just moved to Perth, and with family from overseas visiting us for 3 weeks during our initial Winter here, I can say that King's Park truly is a wonder, with appeal across the generations. There is good accessibility for those who are too frail to walk great distances, so why the need for a cable car? My feeling is that it would be an utter tragedy for King's Park, and as for being an upfront money-spinner and then dying off.... Has anyone considered the substantial amount required to BUILD such a structure to rigorous safety standards? Money that is sorely needed elsewhere. King's Park is perfect as is; spend that money on more seeds, more gardeners, more poems, more paths, more information and knowledge shared with the public whether by name cards for plants or gardening workshops.


  • Kings Park is a unique & naturally beautiful location in our city. The proposed cable-car would adversely impact an attraction that is known & loved by thousands of WA residents - not to mention tourists.

    Peter Bartlett

  • absolutely NOT ! it will visual pollution of this beautiful park....

    veronique plazy

  • Kings Park is for nature and about the environment, and will be ruined by something so artificial.

    Laurelle Williams

  • I have written a letter to the Post for next week and alerted them to your post here. They will also be contacting Janet for comment If you would like this issue on the agenda for the next meeting of the Fremantle Society let us know. John Dowson, President, The Fremantle Society.

    john dowson

  • The natural beauty of the park is what continues to bring visitors to the park. Let's not mar the landscape with an unsightly cable car and the associated buildings and towers that would be needed.

    Ann Jones

  • Today I walked through Kings Park along Fraser Avenue. It was early, with the sun rising through the trees casting long shadows. The river sparkled, the sky was that special blue that only occurs in WA, with the hills beyond covered in morning mist. What a beautiful, tranquil setting which should not be spoilt with pylons and cable cars! Keep Kings Park is its natural state for generations to enjoy.

    Pippa Moodie

  • I think that the idea of a cable car in kings park would be a disgrace. It would indeed ruin the natural beauty of kings park.

    Thomas Skilton

  • I am completely against this proposal. Kings Park's integrity should be maintained, to introduce a cable car would turn it towards becoming a theme park. The view across to the city and river from Kings Park is priceless, there is very little like it in the world and it should be respected and cherished. A city should also be primarily for it's residents, not for itinerant tourists and the chasing of a quick and unsustainable dollar. This idea feels to be yet another ploy to boost Elizabeth Quay, with little regard for the wider negative impact upon the integrity and functionality of Perth at large, it's people and Kings Park.

    Sarah Castle

  • I believe that as so many people already visit the park, it is unlikely that introducing a cable car will increase visitations. However, it will present a visual and presumably noisy intrusion on and distraction from all the things the park represents, a place of peace and quiet in a natural environment close to the city. No other city in the world boasts anything quite like this. Visitors come to the park for this experience rather than for the commercialism that a cable car represents. Places that have cable cars usually are difficult to gain access to because of their steepness and furnish magnificent views that can be enjoyed en route. This cable car would have a very shallow trajectory and would not provide views that can't be accessed simply by driving, bussing, cycling or walking to the park. This proposal is very likely to be a disappointment that will not provide the massive boost to tourism predicted by the government and will leave the state with an ugly intrusion into a very special place and another huge debt.

    Jenny Hall

  • What a brilliant. We need something different for our city.

    Marilyn Barker

  • A cable car will produce invasive infrastructure with a significant footprint in height, width and cutting through the heart of the Park.

    A Perth resident

  • The concrete towers of a cable car will dwarf the State War Memorial. They will be up to twice its height.

    Concerned Park visitor

  • In establishing the park in 1895, Premier, Sir John Forrest said, ”This will enable children 1000 years hence to see our country as it was…”

    A Friend of Kings Park

  • Kings Park has built its success by making the most of its natural assets. The cable car is a highly intrusive structure that does not fit with this vision.

    A friend of Kings Park

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