Accommodation trial in Kings Park

The Friends of Kings Park management committee is opposed to the trial of short-term accommodation within Kings Park.

The Friends of Kings Park is an advocate for Kings Park, so that it continues to be an inspiration for biodiversity conservation in the face of environmental challenges and to be an exceptional place to visit.

The trial of short-term accommodation within the Western Australian Botanic Garden precinct is inconsistent with the primary purpose of botanic gardens, which is to cultivate, conserve and display flora and to connect people to our natural environment.

Kings Park is known as the People’s Park. It is a place where everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and connect with the environment. Restricting sections of the botanic garden to provide high-priced accommodation for a select few does not align with this vision.

There is no shortage of accommodation options in Perth city and other areas nearby Kings Park. There are also regular, free buses into Kings Park every day from the city. Accommodation within Kings Park is not necessary or appropriate.

Kings Park is also an A Class Reserve. We are deeply concerned about the potential environmental impact of accommodation being provided within the botanic garden and close by to the natural bushland, and what this trial could mean for the future of our beloved Kings Park.

We only have one Kings Park. Let’s keep it a natural experience and open for all.

“How does this improve the natural experience for visitors?”

What you can do

The Friends of Kings Park President Chris Olney has written a letter voicing her concerns to Minister Reece Whitby, Minister Rita Saffioti, and the Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority Executive and Board.

If you are concerned about how this accommodation impacts Kings Park, then make your voice heard. Write to the Minister’s offices and contact BGPA Enquiries & Comments to express your views.

The Friends of Kings Park would also like to understand and document the views of our membership, volunteers, and the wider community. Please fill in the below form. We plan to compile all responses and share them with the Ministers and BGPA contacts listed above.

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