Welcome new ClimateWatch coordinators

6 April, 2016

The Friends of Kings Park ClimateWatch program is excited to welcome Lara Oppermann and Jenny Lai as the new ClimateWatch coordinators. Ella is stepping aside to chase employment but is leaving ClimateWatch in very capable hands.

Lara and Jenny are both second year science students at UWA and already have some exciting and novel ideas for the group. Jenny majors in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management while Lara majors in genetics and biochemistry. Between the two they form a dynamic duo both offering their unique strengths in research, management and communication.

Both ladies participated in a ClimateWatch based unit at UWA last year. Lara’s final group article was selected to be published in the online student driven journal Cygnus. Her grouped analysed ClimateWatch data on the Poinciana tree (Delonix regia) and highlights the importance of receiving consistent and accurate data for citizen science projects to be successful. Give it a read and others at www.cygnus-biologystudentjournal.wikispaces.com.

ClimateWatch will continue to operate as per usual. However Lara and Jenny will now be your main point of contact for any inquiries you may have. They can still be contacted at [email protected]. Keep your eye out for two fresh faces in the Park and hopefully you get to meet them both soon!