Natural Dye Artist Talk

20 April, 2016

On the 23rd February textile artist Trudy Pollard gave a talk to the Friends of Kings Park on fabric dying using local plant material.
We were all mesmerized by fabrics soaked with eucalyptus bark or wrapped around branches of Sheoak being transformed into delicate colours and textures. She divulged some of her secrets, often learned from experts all over the world. The colours were exquisite, so subtle and varied.
Trudy inspired us with her creativity as well as her wonderful work with Cambodian women who had suffered so greatly in the past. She uses this beautiful silk herself which she dyes with our wonderful plant material. Her daughter assists her with all the admin work and funding. They are a formidable team. I think we are all waiting for her first workshop to try out these techniques for ourselves.
To view some of her examples, Aspects of Kings Park will soon be stocking some of her creations.

Ursula Keel.